Dear Black Dad

Dear Black Dad is a visual journal dedicated to every Black father who has committed their life to be present in their child’s life. Incorporating both photography and film mediums, this project invites you into an intimate letter written from a son to his father. It’s heartfelt, deep, raw, sensitive, and authentically Black. Here’s to all the amazing fathers out there. Continue to put your children first in everything you do. We see you; we love you!


A Little More...

Written and directed by Tristan Barrocks and co-produced by O’Shane Howard, this visual journey has been years in the making. Both Barrocks and Howard have desired to create a project honouring Black fatherhood. “We both came from strong families with amazing fathers who have been in our lives,” said Howard. Barrocks added, “We always had our fathers in our lives. They stayed and didn’t leave. They were engaged and invested in our success. So we wanted to tell this story instead of the common absentee Black dad narrative.”

The two have proven to be a formidable dual, creating some memorable projects like “Praise & Worship” and “Morning Glory.” Moreover, the two are not slowing down at all and have many more projects planned for the future.

Creative Team

Director by Tristan Barrocks

Producer Natanya Barrocks
Producer O’Shane Howard
Edited By – Tristan Barrocks
Photographer – O’Shane Howard
Written By – Tristan Barrocks

Cinematographer / Colourist – Mattieau St.Cyr
Art Director – Noelle Hindi
Costume designer – Zannub Houssein
Makeup Artist – Rainier Croft
Set Dresser – Albert Barrocks
Lead Retouch Artist / Lightning Technician – Iishmil Waterman