With over 20 years of experience, Tristan has been internationally recognized as an accomplished film director, producer, and cinematographer with a focus on digital storytelling which is the art of telling human-centred stories using new media platforms.  He has produced films for established organizations like Ikea Canada, Top Shop, ROOTS Canada and Footlocker Canada as well as worked with internationally recognized brands like Apple, and Foresight Group.  Tristan’s work has been featured in international film festivals and in national campaigns.

His expertise in having a unique and authentic storytelling approach has also opened up amazing opportunities to work with brands like Muna Luchi Bride, which has led him to produce projects in South Africa, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Bermuda,  and all across the United States. Tristan continues to develop creative ideas through his company with a desire to tell some of the most important stories in society today. Tristan’s focus on preserving his client’s voice while making genuine connections is his secret sauce.

Tristan’s skills span from directing projects, scriptwriting, providing cinematography services, editing and colour correction services.  Please contact his team to get more information on rates.