Tristan Barrocks, the internationally acclaimed Jamacian-Canadian commercial and film director, writer, and producer, continues to make significant waves in the industry with his deeply human-centered narratives. Based in Toronto, Barrocks has earned accolades for his groundbreaking work, including the critically acclaimed digital release “Dear Black Dad.” His impressive portfolio showcases unique storytelling prowess with notable projects such as “Wallflower” (Webseries 2023), “Connecting the Dots” (Docuseries 2019), and “Mother To Mother” (Special 2022).

Recognized on esteemed platforms like Playblack, Glossy Inc., Loop News,  and Medium, Barrocks blends his acting background with a keen eye for storytelling, creating a distinct directorial style that deeply resonates with audiences. His commitment to authentic Black narratives is evident in his work, earning him a spot in the prestigious Sundance Writers Collab program and premieres at the American Black Film Festival and Essence Festival.

Barrocks’ dedication to inclusivity and amplifying BIPOC voices extends far beyond his films. As a two-time participant of the Diversity of Voices Initiative, he demonstrates his unwavering commitment to fostering a thriving creative community. His role as a judge for the CMF Racialized Production Portfolio further underlines this dedication. Additionally, Barrocks is a professor at Seneca College, where he imparts his extensive expertise in storytelling studies, inspiring the next generation of filmmakers.

Barrocks’ films have been screened at prestigious festivals such as The American Black Film Festival, Essence Film Festival, Swedish International Film Festival, and more, showcasing his widespread recognition and influence in the industry. His newest work, “A Letter From The Fathers Chapter II,” is currently gaining attention while he is in post-production for his new self-funded film “Sugar Dumplin.”

Believing that a lack of recognition from the funded system should not hinder one’s creative voice, Barrocks emphasizes the importance of telling the stories that are alive within you, regardless of external validation.

As one of the leading Black emerging directorial storytellers coming out of Canada, Tristan Barrocks continues to be a transformative force in the entertainment industry. His focus on authenticity and meaningful representation has not only set a new standard in filmmaking but also created inclusive communities where BIPOC creatives can truly thrive. Whether as a writer, director, or educator, Barrocks remains steadfast in his mission to tell powerful human stories from a Black perspective, shaping the future of cinema with each project he undertakes.