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"I Specialize in telling grounded, authentic, human-centred stories that connect with the people who watch them. Crafting a compelling story takes time, intentionality, and a commitment to the smallest details."
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Stories that move culture

Our perspectives are our gift to the world. Stories are the vehicles we use to share those perspectives. Stories allow us to shape culture, introduce new ideas, and challenge archaic traditions. It’s essential to have different perspectives in the room. As a Black creative, Tristan strives to be a voice that gives a bigger picture of the experiences within his community. With a vast catalogue of documentary, commercial, and personal work, Tristan has gained a deep understanding of what makes incredible stories. VIEW WORK HERE

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Unlocking Digital Storytelling

After graduating from a digital media program in 2008, Tristan began his career capturing live theatrical performances across Toronto. He developed a keen sense of narrative and visual storytelling through film. As a seasoned film and television actor, he used his on-camera knowledge to bring the best performances out of those he filmed. Tristan’s secret sauce has been his ability to identify authentic stories while capturing genuine performances from on-screen talent. Simply put, he is a master at connecting with others while hearing and understanding how to present their stories. He has had the opportunity to work with national tourism boards, international brands, and award-winning artists throughout the years.


Dear Black Dad

In the spring of 2021 I directed a film called “ Dear Black Dad’ which daybed in several film festivals and was widely celebrated for brining a unique perspective to the Black fatherhood experience. Written and Directed by myself, it’s a film that totally encapsulates who I am as a creative storyteller. Featured on several international publications that allowed for a reach of over 125,000 views.

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"The collection of work that I have been fortunate enough to create speaks to my perspective on life and the humanity we all share."

Connecting The Dots (2018)

Directed a national docu-series across Canada focused on the historical contributions of the Black community within Canada. “Connecting The Dots” Shined a light on the systematic deficiencies affecting Black-Canadian communities for several years. The film premiered in several film festivals like the Hollywood North film festival.

Praise & Worship (2020)

Praise & Worship was a passion piece shot, edited by myself. Directed by a combination of O’Shane Howard and myself (Tristan Barrocks). The film is a visual journal of the Judeo-Christian spiritual experience. It is an elevated love story about the power of song, music, and movement. The film premiered at the Toronto Black Film Festival.

Muna Luchi Cover (2021)

Directed and photographed the spring cover of the international magazine Muna Luchi Bride and provided creative direction to several elements of the shoot like location, filming style, and marketing approach. The project was released in the summer of 2021 internationally in countries like Ghana, Canada, the United States, and England, to name a few.