Goddie, a young girl born in the mid-1900s in the picturesque Blue Mountains of Jamaica. With the sudden loss of both parents, Goddie finds herself indentured to strangers in order to pay for school. Heartbroken, weary and alone, she forms a plan to escape to Great Britain as the Windrush movement escalates.

Will Goddie be able to escape the depths of betrayal for good and start over again? Will she succumb to despair? Or will she find the strength to find her place in a new and turbulent world?

  • Development Phase: Early Development
  • Projected Launch Year: 2025
  • Demographic: 25-40
  • Episode Length: 50 mins
  • Number of Episodes: 10 Country of Origin: Canada
  • Languages: English
  • Rights Available:Broadcast & Streaming (SVOD, AVOD), Worldwide